Food Processing

For a fresh preparation

For a fresh preparation

For a fresh preparation

Reliable cooling in the food processing

Wherever foodstuffs are processed, there are particular requirements in force for production, storage and sales areas. Reliable cooling plays a vital role in this. InvenSor systems using pure water as a refrigerant are exactly the right choice for demanding applications such as these.

Compact cooling solution

In addition to hygiene considerations, commercial issues are often critical as well. Where production processes necessitate high energy use, efficient cooling technology can be critical to competitiveness.

Find out how InvenSor can help you cut costs in production and private areas alike, revolutionising your entire energy supply in the process.


  • Location: West of France
  • Adsorption chillers: 1x InvenSor LTC 10 plus
  • Cooling capacity: 10 kW (3 RT)
  • Driving heat: CHP
  • Operating since: May 2016
  • Notes:

    Milk cooling

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Otto Beier Waffelfabrik GmbH

  • Location: Germany, Miltach
  • Adsorption chillers: 4x InvenSor LTC 10 plus
  • Cooling capacity: 40 kW (11 RT)
  • Driving heat: BHKW Senergy, 1000 litres buffer storage hot water
  • Operating since: October 2014
  • Notes:


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Wikana GmbH

  • Location: Germany, Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • Adsorption chillers: 3x InvenSor LTC 09
  • Cooling capacity: 27 kW (8 RT)
  • Driving heat: heat from industrial processes
  • Operating since: 2011
  • Notes:

    11.000 €/year energy cost savings

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