Invensor LTC 30 e plus

InvenSor LTC 30 e plus

InvenSor LTC 30 e plus

InvenSor LTC 30 e plus

The InvenSor chiller with a wide range of capacity and particularly high efficiency

With a maximum thermal coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.72 – describing the efficiency of the use of heat for cooling – and an outstanding maximum energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 33, the new InvenSor LTC 30 e plus is one of the most efficient chillers on the market.

Cooling capacity between 10 and 35 kW

The automatic power adjustment enables highly efficient operation with a cooling capacity range from 10 to 35 kW. A properly controlled hydraulic unit with high-efficiency pumps, mixers and valves are integrated ready for operation.

Easy-to-use controls and optimum operation: smart control

The integrated system controller offers a variety of options to adapt to each application and special customer requirements. Comprehensive measurement technology simplifies installation and commissioning and enables the system to be managed as automatically as possible. The machine is factory-prepared for remote control.

Maintenance-free cooling chamber: InvenSor ActiVac®

The automatic pressure system developed by InvenSor ensures constant optimum operating pressure. The service is limited to the usual tasks in water and air-carrying circuits.

With integrated hydraulics

The LTC 30 e plus combines all the basic components for thermal cooling in one device. It contains a hydraulic unit with powerful high-efficiency pumps. This means that all water circuits for the driving energy, cooling distribution and recooling can be connected directly.

Free cooling (FC) function

The FC model also enables significant energy savings as it can cool directly via the outside unit if outside temperatures are cold enough, without using heat to drive the chiller.

InvenSor LTC 30 e plus

  • Maintenance-free cooling chamber ActiVac®
  • Integrated hydraulics
  • 35 kW cooling capacity

Output range coolingkW10-35
COP maximum0,72
Maximum overpressurebar4
Electrical connectionV~ | Hz | A230 | 50/60 | max. 9,5
Approx. electrical power consumptionW895 (incl. pumps) | EER = 33


Temperatures – possible application°C10-2520-3760-99
Volume flowsl/h6.60011.4006.300
Available ext. Pressure headmbar400400300
COP (nominal / Hi-eFF)0,6 / 0,64
Performance values (nominal / Hi-eFF)kW29,5 / 26,078,5 / 66,549,0 / 40,5
Temperatures – cooling system inlet (IN)°C18,027,085,0
Temperatures – cooling system outlet (OUT)°C14,033,078,0
COP (nominal / Hi-eFF)0,65 / 0,68
Performance values (nominal / Hi-eFF)kW25,0 / 22,063,5 / 54,538,5 / 32,5
Temperatures – cooling system inlet (IN)°C18,027,072,0
Temperatures – cooling system outlet (OUT)°C14,532,066,5
All specifications apply for operation with water in hydraulic circuits

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