InvenSor closes out 2017 with record turnover

January 23, 2018

In 2017, the clean tech company InvenSor celebrated its 10th anniversary, but there was much more to celebrate – the manufacturer of thermal-energy cooling systems also had its most successful year yet, with revenues far surpassing those of any other in the company’s history.

With the expansion of their product range, the company was able to win over several new well-known customers, particularly within the industry, increasing revenues by 70% compared to the previous year. “We’re proud of our success and we’re happy to see that interest in our sustainable energy systems is clearly increasing. This is the second year in a row in which we’ve seen huge increases in revenue, so we’re growing rapidly,” says Sören Paulußen, managing director of InvenSor GmbH.

The company’s success has allowed it to take on 15 additional employees, expanding operations in sales, systems engineering, and production. This gives InvenSor a strong team of engineers and salespeople capable of working out and implementing complex and sophisticated energy concepts for industrial facilities and data centres. The company has also developed various turn-key container types that can be used as complete energy systems, offering customers great space-saving opportunities. “Our long-time customer Bühler Motor has expanded its energy centre by seven additional aDsorption cooling systems and a new CHP, and have chosen one of our trigeneration containers,” Sören Paulußen continues.

Niels Braunschweig, another managing director of InvenSor, offers an outlook on the future: “To continue growing like this, we’re going to make significant staff increases in 2018 as well. We also have some innovative new energy solutions for our customers that we’ll be putting on the market later this year.”