Kreisverwaltung Husum

  • Location: Germany, Husum
  • Adsorption chillers: 5 InvenSor LTC 10 plus
  • Cooling capacity: 50 kW (14 RT)
  • Driving heat: CHP EC-Power
  • Operating since: December 2012
  • Notes:


In December 2012, five InvenSor LTC 10 plus – Free Cooling (FC) adsorption chillers were installed in the data center of the district administration in Husum, in the North of Germany. The administration building is located very close to the North Sea.

Due to the salty sea air, the realisation of this project was initially seen as critical. There were no guarantees that the adsorption chillers would work just as well as the InvenSor chillers do in other locations in Germany. Despite these concerns, the chillers have now been working for more than 3 years without any disturbances. Even after a flood caused by a broken water pipe in the building – the chillers were standing in approx. 30 cm of water – there was no malfunction of the machines. The technology thus speaks for itself. Furthermore, a payback time calculation showed that these five chillers will have fully paid for themselves after 3.4 years.

The heat source is a CHP (cogeneration) unit. The combination with InvenSor adsorption chillers, making it a trigeneration solution, is extremely promising because it leads to longer power production periods of the CHP. The chillers’ free cooling function allows for even more energy savings. If the outside air temperature is cold enough, it can be used directly for climatization and no driving heat is necessary to operate the chillers.