Miele KG & Cie. KG

  • Location: Germany, Bünde
  • Adsorption chillers: 11 InvenSor LTC 10 plus
  • Cooling capacity: 110 kW (31 RT)
  • Driving heat: CHP Viessmann
  • Operating since: April 2015
  • Notes:


A tailor-made energy concept can automatically reduce power costs and can result in an improvement of your company’s CO2 balance. This was precisely the case for domestic appliance manufacturer Miele & Cie. KG at its Bünde plant. Through the use of a Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) system, with ADsorption chillers by Cleantech company InvenSor GmbH, Miele successfully managed to reduce its energy requirement for cooling.

The new energy system has been in effective use since April 2015. It consists of 11 InvenSor ADsorption chillers LTC 10 plus-FC (with Free Cooling function) with a joint cooling capacity of 110 kW and two Viessmann cogeneration units with a total electrical output of 480 kW and a thermal output of 720 kW. The high overall system efficiency and the long running hours of the cogeneration units are particularly noteworthy, especially during the warmer months. Since then, family-owned Miele has been able to generate its own power for the entire plant.

Prior to the implementation of the CCHP system, the company used a boiler system for all ten buildings, which consisted of two separate boiler houses. As a result of restructuring in the Production Division with efficiency measures being implemented, and of additional laboratories in the Development Division, the cooling requirement has recently increased. A solution was required that was both effective and sustainable in the long-term. With this in mind, Klaus-Dieter Stellbrink, Head of Operational Engineering at the Bünde plant, turned to a local engineering office. Working together, a suitable energy concept was created that perfectly fulfilled the high requirements and that could be implemented without any problem.

“The cooling systems are perfect for our desired cooling output and ensure smooth operation,” said Thomas Götting, an employee within the Operational Technology Division in Bünde. According to Götting’s projections, the energy cost savings on account of these CCHP systems should amount to approx. 240,000€ each year. An investment that will pay off both financially and ecologically. During the coming years, further projects in the area of cooling are planned at Miele.