Oberflächentechnik Döbeln GmbH

  • Location: Germany, Döbeln
  • Adsorption chillers: 2 InvenSor LTC 10 plus
  • Cooling capacity: 20 kW (6 RT)
  • Driving heat: 2 CHPs MAN Typ 2842
  • Operating since: 2014
  • Notes:


Olaf Hawlitschek, managing director of OFT Döbeln GmbH founded in 1998, strongly believes in sustainable production. In addition to the two CHP units, a photovoltaics system on the roof of the premises based in Saxony also ensures that the company produces a significant portion of its energy requirements. The CHP units had been installed six years ago. Now the corresponding adsorbers were added in May 2014.

The engineering office Radisch planned the entire system for the German factory. The CHP units at OFT Döbeln still had potential for further operation when heat could be used. For that purpose Radisch and Hawlitschek decided to use adsorption chillers. The main benefits of the adsorption process are that it works almost without the need for electricity, thus enabling massive savings in electrical energy, and that it uses pure water as a refrigerant, thus achieving significant benefits for the environment and climate protection. This also made it possible to respond effectively to the intensified regulations regarding conventional refrigeration systems with partially halogenated refrigerants coming into effect at the beginning of 2015. The decision was made for two InvenSor LTC 10 plus FC units (Low Temperature Chiller) with 20 kW nominal power.

The two adsorption chillers were installed in May 2014 and, since then, have been cooling the electrical rectifiers in the electroplating company that are responsible for the important voltage conversion process without any disruption. The compression cooling machines previously used have been removed.