TRANSpofix GmbH

  • Location: Germany, Berching
  • Adsorption chillers: 3 InvenSor LTC 10 plus
  • Cooling capacity: 40 kW (11 RT)
  • Driving heat: 3 CHPs SenerTec
  • Operating since: 2013
  • Notes:


Since May 2013, the TRANSpofix Company has benefited from its combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) system located at its headquarters between the German cities of Nuremberg and Regensburg. The company produces its own electricity with the help of three micro cogeneration units (Combined heat and power – CHP) and uses the resulting waste heat for heating and cooling. As an innovative company specialized in the manufacture of state-of-the-art transport systems and the corresponding plastic and aluminum parts (thick-walled polyethylene), it was almost a given that the company would also use an extremely efficient HVACR system.

After careful planning, Willibald Hergeth, managing director of TRANSpofix GmbH, and Andreas Stephan, junior manager of Stephan Heizungsbau GmbH, agreed on a combination of three SenerTec Dachs CHP units and three InvenSor adsorption cooling units. The cooling units developed by the Berlin-based company InvenSor have already received numerous awards for their efficiency. The adsorption chillers are powered by the waste heat from the combined heat and power units installed at the TRANSpofix plant.

The installed CHPs generate power for TRANSpofix’s entire headquarters in Berching as well as for operating the injection molding machines used to manufacture parts. The waste heat generated is then channeled as operating energy to the three InvenSor adsorption cooling units. Excess heat is used to heat the building during the winter. The thermally-powered chillers can generate cooling energy from waste heat using only a minimal amount of electricity. They use water as an environmentally-friendly refrigerant and as such have a significant advantage over the previously used compression refrigeration systems as far as the environment is concerned.

The three LTC 10 plus (Low Temperature Chiller) adsorption units operate at TRANSpofix with a combined cooling capacity of 24 kW. As such, they not only cool the injection molding machines, but during the summer also cool the company’s entire office space (900 m2 / abt. 9,700 ft2). At sufficiently cold outside temperatures during the winter, the production systems are cooled with the help of an integrated free cooling function, which allows the waste heat from the CHP units to be available for heating. This is perfection in combined cooling, heat, and power. The cooling energy produced is channeled to the production floor in the form of water and used there to cool the molded plastic parts. Due to the year-round use of the three CHP units and the InvenSor adsorption cooling units, this system is extremely efficient, with a static amortization of the entire CCHP system in only five years – which is an extremely short period of time for major industrial systems.