A clever combination of a CHP and an InvenSor adsorption chiller for the agriculture industry

July 22, 2016

The use of an adsorption cooling system is not only advisable for electroplating, surface finishing or plastic moulding processes. It can also lead to massive energy savings in the agriculture industry. A recent example is the dairy farm GAEC LOGIS FROUTIN in the West of France.

In 2015, the company decided to install an InvenSor adsorption chiller from the LTC range with a cooling capacity of 10 kW /2.8 RT in combination with a combined heat and power (CHP) unit. The trigeneration system has many benefits for the operators. Waste heat from the CHP unit is mainly used to produce cold water cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, thus increasing the annual time of operation of the CHP. The cooling produced by the adsorption chiller is used to cool 2.600 liter milk per day and to heat the water for 90 dairy cows.

Previously, the customer was using a conventional cooling system that was directly installed in the milk tank. Generally, all milk tanks are equipped with conventional cooling systems. With this new solution, 90% of the entire cooling load is provided by the InvenSor chillers. That means the conventional system is reduced to providing only 10% of the cooling needs. “We are very happy to enter the agriculture market and to show innovative possibilities for an eco-friendly and cost- effective cooling system“, explains Sören Paulußen, managing director of InvenSor GmbH.

The project was implemented by the company SOLENE-R, a long-term collaboration partner of InvenSor in France. They planned the entire system and were available for any kind of customer support during the project.

The InvenSor adsorption chillers are some of the most user-friendly on the market. For example, the target temperatures for cold water and the return flow to the heat source are extremely easy to set using the multilingual color-touch display. In addition, the units are already set up for use in heat pump mode, which can be activated on the device.

Using the hydraulic system already integrated into the unit, specialists and planners can realize their special solutions, such as the use of free cooling on cold days, without increasing the entire system’s complexity. The easy-to-operate start-up mode, automatic operating optimization, and the internet interface combine to make chillers from InvenSor into plug-and-play devices that are easy to operate even without significant prior knowledge.

Technical details of the system

Cooling system 1x InvenSor LTC 10 plus
Driving heat CHP unit
Cooling capacity 10 kW (2.8 RT)
Operating since May 2016