Exceptional Know-How

Exceptional Know-How

Exceptional Know-How

Your specialist for perfect cooling systems

Based in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Berlin, InvenSor is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and production of ADsorption chillers in the power range between 30 and 300 kW. The chillers produce cold water and use the waste heat from CHPs, compressed air systems or industrial processes as drive energy.

Pure water is used as the refrigerant in the systems – maximum environmentally friendly and low-maintenance. Thanks to the ActiVac® pressure maintenance system developed in-house and patented several times, InvenSor is the only manufacturer to offer the refrigeration generators in the chillers completely maintenance-free.

In addition, InvenSor has developed over the past 10 years from a pure plant manufacturer to a total solution provider and now realises turnkey total solutions in the refrigeration sector. Over 400 installed systems and satisfied customers are proof of the performance and efficiency of these ADsorption refrigeration systems.


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Energy Awards 2017 Top 3 Industry

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