InvenSor LTC 90 e plus for more cooling in a higher capacity range

September 28, 2016

Adsorption chillers are becoming more and more popular all over the world. This is not only because the eco-friendly technology is using pure water as refrigerant, but also because of high energy savings and, therefore, lower costs on the electricity bill. This year InvenSor has developed a new adsorption chiller with a cooling capacity between 30 and 105 kW (8.5 – 29.9 RT) to cover an even higher capacity range with the highest possible efficiency. The new product InvenSor LTC 90 e plus is available now.

Broader performance range

The InvenSor LTC 90 e plus is InvenSor’s largest capacity unit to date and makes adsorption cooling available for applications with much higher cooling demands as it was previously the case.

With an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 33, the chiller shows an excellent value in the relation of usable cooling capacity to utilised electrical energy. Thus, it is possible to achieve energy savings up to 70% compared to conventional cooling systems.

A further advantage of a bigger unit is the simplified installation of larger cooling capacities because the LTC 90 e plus is a “plug & play” unit: The chillers offer pre-installed pipe connections for all three water circuits. With this larger capacity in one compact solution, commissioning becomes much faster and set-up space is saved at the operation site. As usual with InvenSor products, a complete, ready-to-operate hydraulic unit is integrated into the chiller – with high-efficiency pumps, mixers, valves, and extensive sensor equipment.

Of course, the new InvenSor chiller is also equipped with the ActiVac® automatic pressure optimization system, which ensures constant optimum operating pressure and keeps service requirements to a bare minimum. The cooling generator itself is maintenance-free.

Sustainable cooling supply

There are a lot of applications for adsorption cooling. The focus is on the industrial sector such as the rubber and plastic industries, printing and metal processing industries. All of these fields and many more have waste heat that is usable for efficient cooling, e.g. of machines, test rigs or control cabinets.

InvenSor adsorption chillers operate on the principle of adsorption. They are able to use different heat sources, e.g. from combined heat and power units (CHP) or from industrial processes such as air compressors. The most common applications are trigeneration systems. These systems generate power, heat, and cooling through a clever combination with CHP units. They ensure a maximum independence from electricity providers and the grid while saving cost for electricity. Furthermore, this eco-friendly technology also guarantees utmost reliability for cooling and power supply in server rooms.