InvenSor chiller news: The latest from the world of clever cooling

Here you can find the latest news and information on InvenSor products, systems, applications and technical innovations in energy-efficient cooling using adsorption chillers. Find out how users from around the world are using adsorption cooling for their own cooling solutions in both industry and commerce – and how you can benefit from environmentally friendly cooling based on thermal drive.

Process cooling with adsorption chillers and micro cogeneration units

Since May 2013, the TRANSpofix Company has benefited from its combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) system located at its headquarters between the German cities of Nuremberg and Regensburg. The company produces its own electricity with the help of three micro cogeneration units (Combined heat and power – CHP) and uses the resulting waste heat for heating and cooling. As an innovative company specialized in the manufacture of state-of-the-art transport systems and the corresponding plastic and aluminum parts (thick-walled polyethylene), it was almost a given that the company would also use an extremely efficient HVACR system.

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