Cooling with heat

Cooling with heat

Cooling with heat

For a cooling capacity between 30 (8,5 RT) and 300 kW (85 RT) – Your benefits

InvenSor chillers generate cold and use heat as the drive energy. As soon as drive heat, e.g. from a solar installation, combined heat and power unit or district-heating network is available, it can be used as an energy-saving and efficient means of cooling.

The cold is provided in the form of cold water, meaning it can be used, for example, for air-conditioning in buildings, for process cooling or for the most varied of other purposes. That means that the chiller can be used for all purposes and in the same way as an electrically powered conventional cold water aggregate.

  • Can be adapted to your cooling requirements by scaling a number of modules
  • Refrigerant: water
  • Integrated hydraulic unit
  • Can be connected with any water-based cooling system
  • Robust design in the vacuum vessel with no actively moved parts
  • Online access for maintenance, updates and analysis
  • Automatic pressure system: ActiVac®

InvenSor LTC 10 e plus
The InvenSor LTC 10 e plus is a compact solution with an integrated hydraulic unit and maintenance-free cooling generator.

InvenSor LTC 30 e plus
The InvenSor LTC 30 e plus is a sustainable solution to cool your production or data center.

InvenSor LTC 90 e plus
The InvenSor LTC 90 e plus is an efficient solution to cool your machines and tools.