Invensor LTC 10 e plus

InvenSor LTC 10 e plus

InvenSor LTC 10 e plus

InvenSor LTC 10 e plus

Compact solution for efficient cooling

The InvenSor LTC 10 e plus has been developed to operate particularly energy efficiently: in the optional high efficiency mode, it achieves a COP of 0.7 – uniquely high in this class and ideal in combination with mini combined heat and power units with up to 15 kW thermal power.

Cooling capacity 10 kW

The nominal capacity is 10 kW, and in high efficiency mode 9 kW. Powerful high-efficiency pumps, mixers and valves are integrated ready for operation.

Easy-to-operate settings – heat pump option

Any target temperature can be set and programmed on the device itself. Use as a heat pump can also be activated on the device.

Maintenance-free cooling thanks to InvenSor ActiVac®

ActiVac is an automatic pressure system ensuring optimum operating pressure in the chiller at all times; subsequent evacuation is unnecessary.

InvenSor chilling station integrated

The LTC 10 e plus contains a properly controlled hydraulic unit: This means that all water circuits for the driving energy, cooling distribution and recooling can be connected directly.

Free cooling function

The free cooling function allows for even more energy savings: If the outside air temperature is cold enough, it can be used directly for climatization and no driving heat is necessary to operate the chiller.

InvenSor LTC 10 e plus

  • High-Efficiency Mode for COP values of 0,7
  • Ideal in combination with mini CHPs
  • Heat pump option
Produkt LTC 10 Adsorptionskälteanlage

Output range cooling kW 4-14
COP maximum 0,75
Maximum overpressure bar 4
Electrical connection V~ | Hz | A 230 | 50/60 | max. 8,5
Approx. electrical power consumption W 395 (inkl. pumps)


COP maximum 0,65 / 0,7
Performance values (nominal data / Hi-eFF) kW 10 / 9 25,4 / 21,9 15,4 / 12,9
Temperatures – cooling system inlet (IN) °C 18 27 72
Temperatures – cooling system outlet (OUT) °C 15 31 67
Temperatures – possible application °C 10-25 20-37 45-100
Volume flows l/h 2.900 5.100 2.500
Available ext. pressure head mbar 400 400 300
All specifications apply for operation with water in hydraulic circuits

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