Container system

Turnkey container solutions

Turnkey container solutions

Turnkey container solutions

A compact system with all the necessary components

With an InvenSor container solution, you receive an innovative energy system with all the necessary components – completely installed, ready to be connected, and ready to use. We take care of the planning, implementation and installation so you don’t have to. All components are optimally tuned to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Installation is carried out by our qualified technical staff, who will provide you with corresponding instruction on the product after it has been installed.

One major advantage of this solution is that the container is installed outside of your building, meaning that no internal areas within your company are required. The container can be placed in a different location of your choice, if required.

Our container systems can be used for cooling machines, tools, or even server rooms.

Types of InvenSor container

Depending on your on-site requirements, InvenSor has developed three different types of container.

Cooling container

With thermally-driven chillers, the InvenSor cooling container offers you not only the cooling you require, but also the necessary hydraulic unit and a recooler. When it comes to chillers, we are referring to ADsorption chillers which use the waste heat generated by, e.g., industrial processes or air compressors, for refrigeration – without the need for electricity. Traditional compression chillers can also be integrated here to handle peak loads.


Example of a construction of an cooling container

Trigeneration container

A trigeneration container is a system which generates power, heat and cooling. It consists of the InvenSor cooling system and a combined heat and power unit. To generate power and electricity, we integrate the corresponding combined heat and power unit (CHP unit) into the container for you. This directly supplies the aDsorption chillers with waste heat. This ensures that you have a container solution which provides power, heat and cooling for your processes or building the whole year round.

Thanks to the compact installation of a CHP unit and ADsorption chillers, we are able to offer a trigeneration system which comes ready to use. Furthermore, the CHP unit can also be used to heat buildings in the colder months. A decentralised energy supply in accordance with your wishes.


Example construction of an InvenSor trigeneration container

Energy centre

Here, in addition to the components mentioned above, heating technology—such as a gas burner—can also be implemented into the container, enabling the provision of a complete energy centre.

Industry cooling
We offer customized solutions. Just use your waste heat to cool your production.

Take a look at our references and find out how to reduce sustainably energy costs.

Trigeneration system
We offer you complete trigeneration systems to provide cooling, heat and power.