Cooling & Power Pack

Complete package for your data center

Complete package for your data center

Complete package for your data center

Cool properly and save money and power at the same time

Experience the advantages of the coupled energy and cooling supply by combining an aDsorption chiller with a combined heat and power unit (CHP). The InvenSor Cooling & Power Pack (CPP) makes it possible.

Powerful, reliable and economical energy solutions play an important role for data centers and server rooms. Conventional server cooling is very power-intensive and therefore responsible for a large part of the energy costs.

InvenSor aDsorption chillers, on the other hand, do not require any power to generate cooling, but only the excess waste heat from the associated CHP unit. We offer this with our Cooling and Power Pack (CPP). With this system you receive energy cost savings of up to 70% and furthermore increase the reliability of your IT. Only water is used as refrigerant in the chiller systems. In addition, the refrigeration generator is maintenance-free, which also eliminates maintenance costs for you.

The CHP unit also produces power specifically for your company, which makes you less dependent on electricity suppliers. It can also be used to heat buildings during the winter months.

The Cooling and Power Pack is a complete solution that offers an efficient way to save costs and power while increasing climate friendliness.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Higher reliability
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • PUE less than 1,1

Take a look at our references and find out how to reduce sustainably energy costs.

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