As easy as heating

As easy as heating

As easy as heating

Robust Technology

InvenSor systems are of extremely robust construction and require very little maintenance. They dovetail ideally with existing energy systems and are based on tried-and-tested technologies and standards, such as those used in heating systems. This makes integration with existing systems especially easy.

InvenSor chillers are easy to install, inspect and maintain along with the heating or solar installation. There is no need to install any cooling circuits containing volatile and environmentally damaging refrigerants. Pure water is used as the refrigerant - this is not just eco-friendly, but also facilitates installation and maintenance.

Cooling process
Our chillers use waste heat for cooling – find out how it works here.

Adsorption process
Our chillers operate on the principle of adsorption – find out what that means here.

Product range
Get an impression about our products and learn more about innovative cooling systems.