Zeolite technology

A proven principle – unrivalled implementation

Perfect integration

Zeolite adsorption technology is based on proven physical principles. The underlying sorption technology has been known since as long
ago as the end of the 19th century.

The 1878 World Exhibition in Paris was the first time that a sorption machine powered by solar energy succeeded in making an ice block. Modern air conditioners work in the same way: The evaporation of a refrigerant creates cooling for air-conditioning.

For the maximum possible cooling capacity…

Compared with the silica gel adsorbers more commonly encountered until now, InvenSor’s zeolite cooling technology combines higher performance with lower consumption of drive energy. For example, a typical moderate operating point for CHP generation is 75°C for drive, 27°C for re-cooling and 18°C for cooling. At this point, the InvenSor LTC is capable of achieving a cooling capacity of approx. 9.3 kW using approx. 15 kW drive power. For approx. 8.8 kW cooling capacity, a comparable silica gel machine requires approximately 16.6 kW drive power and thus approx. 16% higher energy usage per unit of cooling capacity.

Adsorption chillers are generally characterised by increasing efficiency under part-load operation. Whereas typical silica-gel-based devices achieve a COP value in excess of 0.6 but only below a power reduction of approx. 6 kW, the zeolite-based InvenSor LTC enters the fray with a COP value of approx. 0.62, but at full power reduction.

… especially where the outside temperature is rising:

The benefits of InvenSor zeolite technology are even more apparent when it comes to the provision of cooling in the summer when outside temperatures are rising.

At an operating point of 32°C re-cooling but otherwise identical conditions, the InvenSor LTC requires only approx. 11.7 kW of drive power for approx. 7 kW cooling capacity, whereas silica gel technology requires around 13 kW drive power for approx. 6 kW. The specific energy consumption per kW of cooling is therefore almost 30% higher for the silica gel machine, resulting in a correspondingly higher fuel consumption for CHP units and larger collectors for solar installations.

Model component of the zeolite-coated cooling element of the InvenSor adsorption chiller

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