Triple the Capacity: InvenSor Presents Quantum Leap in Adsorption Cooling at the Hannover Messe Trade Show

February 17, 2015

The German clean tech company InvenSor is presenting a new adsorption chiller at the 2015 Hannover Messe with a cooling capacity three times higher than the previous model. The LTC 30 e plus (power output range 10-35 kW) will be presented to the public for the first time in Hall 27 at Booth J50 (J50/3).
“We look forward to showing the highest-capacity and most efficient new member of our product family going forward at the leading trade fair for German industry. This product is a small revolution in the field of thermal cooling in Europe. We increased all of the technologically relevant performance figures while at the same making the technology even more efficient,” said Sören Paulußen, Managing Director of InvenSor GmbH, regarding the premiere at the Hannover Messe.

According to figures from the end of 2014 published by Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, 14% of Germany’s electricity demand and approximately 5% of the country’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to cooling systems. These figures are generally expected to increase in the coming years. Due to their efficiency and the refrigerant used, adsorption cooling systems are the perfect solution to successfully reverse this trend. By using pure water as a refrigerant, systems from InvenSor are also a sustainable solution when it comes to the regulations on cooling media, which have recently become much more stringent in Europe.

With a maximum thermal coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.75 – describing the efficiency of the use of heat for cooling – and an outstanding maximum energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 33, the new InvenSor LTC 30 e plus is one of the most efficient chillers on the market.

Compared to standard products available, the significantly increased EER value is of particular note, especially considering the integrated pumps inside the LTC 30 e plus. The EER represents the ratio between output cooling capacity and input electricity, and as such, is the key parameter of energy-saving, thermally powered cooling. Compared to conventional systems, the new InvenSor system achieves an increase in EER by a factor between 5 and 20. This is equal to electricity savings of 80-95%. With a maximum cooling capacity of 35 kW, the LTC 30 e plus adsorption chiller represents a significant development milestone in the cooling industry. Compared to systems with lower capacities, in large-scale projects, the specific costs per kW cooling capacity can be reduced by approximately one third, resulting in significant benefits for the cost-effectiveness of these projects.

As usual, a complete, ready-to-operate hydraulic unit is integrated into the new chiller, with high-efficiency pumps, mixers, valves, and extensive sensor equipment. All cycles for hot water supply, cooling distribution, and recooling can be directly and quickly attached to the system. As with all InvenSor cooling systems, the LTC 30 series is also equipped with the ActiVac® automatic pressure optimization system, which was developed in-house – keeping service requirements to a bare minimum. Maintenance is reduced to simple tasks related to air and water cycles. The cooling generator itself is maintenance-free.

InvenSor systems have a further particular highlight: They use warm water as an operating energy to power cooling generation. Typical heat sources include combined heat and power units, industrial process heat, district heating, and solar thermal systems. The systems have a wide variety of uses. In Germany, most InvenSor units are operated in what’s known as trigeneration systems. These systems generate power, heat, and cooling through a clever combination with CHP units. In this context, the CHP units generate electricity and waste heat, which depending on the area of application is either used directly for heating or as operating energy for the adsorption cooling systems. Trigeneration systems stand out due to their components’ long lifespan and because they are extremely cost-effective, with payback periods usually between two and five years.

InvenSor adsoption cooling systems are some of the most user-friendly and reliable units on the market. The wholly self-developed microcontroller allows for a wide variety of configurations and adjustments to tailor the system to respective needs of the application and the user. Settings such as the target water temperatures in the chilled water circuit and the return flow in the operating circuit can be easily adjusted on the multilingual, color touchscreen display. The unit is even prepared for use as a heat pump, which can be activated in the settings.

The InvenSor exhibition space at the trade show is located at the joint booth operated by Germany’s Federal Association for Combined Heat and Power (Bundesverband zur Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungen e.V.). The association has promoted the technical principle of combined heat and power since 2001, independent of the size and type of the system, the area of application, or the energy source used.